“The end of life is the best.
That’s why they save it till last!”
Dr. Jeff Salz

What is the secret of a long and generative life? How do we inhabit every stage of life – especially our later years – in a way that insures a sense of optimal joy from start to finish?

Entertaining, provocative and inspirational, Into Thin Hair is the result of four decades of anthropological investigation – from the frozen hinterlands of Patagonia to the jungles of central America to the wind-swept Tibet plateau – in search the highest common denominators of humanity.

Join Dr Jeff Salz – acclaimed by the History Channel and the Discovery network as America’s leading anthropologist/adventurer – on the journey of a lifetime to discover the map that leads to the possibility of fulfillment and delight in every phase of life.

Adventure – the desire to explore, discover, experience, push onward to the next horizon – is the driving force behind every great leap of science and the arts. What has not been not widely understood is that its demands and rewards are unique to each season of life.

Insight into the changing nature of adventure over time allows us to navigate our lives and work with grace and confidence. Mastery of the Three Phases is an essential tool for life-balance, inspirational leadership and ultimate satisfaction in later life.

Age of Discovery, the first of the three phases, is informed by wonder. There is no more relentless adventurer than a child. We are born, cast into a wild world full of endless mysteries and limitless magic. Ours is a ceaseless quest to experience and comprehend. Pleasure and learning are our guides. Enthusiasm and passion are our modus operandi.

Age of Ambition arrives next. Having collected a storehouse of knowledge and stacks of experiences, our soul cries out to create…something. We assemble. We connect. We join – defining our meaning via our contribution and commitments. We construct homes, families, relationships and organizations. We climb the mountains, make a name for ourselves pursuing our dreams and attaining our successes.

The Age of Transcendence, the final stage, returns us to wonder.  But in a fresh and poignant way. Our greatest happiness now arrives by journeying inward instead of pressing ever-upward. We seek less the to conquer the mountain  and more to honor it. Body and ego take a beating and – to our great surprise –  we find ourselves joyful, liberated from deference to anyone’s ideas but our own. If we do it right, these final miles have the potential to be the best yet traveled. If we make the right choices we may find ourselves – in the words of Martin Luther King Jr. – “Free at last. Free at last. Thank God almighty we are free at last!”

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Discoveries Include:

The secret to a long, vibrant and generative life
Hint: It’s not eating more kale salads

The key to success and satisfaction at every stage of life
Hint: It’s definitely not doing what you are told

How to assure that the last part of life is the best part of life
Hint: Answer does not contain number 4,0,1 or the letter K

“Dr. Jeff Salz is a master presenter, storyteller and teacher.  Steeped in the cross-fertilizing disciplines of anthropology, adventure, teamwork, peak performance and communications, he has spent his life exploring and charting the crossovers between the ordinary and the extraordinary.

He is one of the few speakers that can educate, entertain, and have you laughing and crying—all at the same time. I have been a fan of his thinking, writing and teaching for decades – and am always dazzled by the continued evolution of both his presentation skills and his hopeful ideas about life.”

Ken Dychtwald, Ph.D. CEO Age Wave

Author Bodymind, Age Wave, Healthy Aging and With Purpose: Redefining Money, Family, Work, Retirement and Success.

“More than a keynote… whole new approach to living.
A bounding, leaping, imaginative ‘user’s guide’ to a life well-lived!”

Dr. Paul Brenner

Author, Health Is a Question of Balance

“Into Thin Hair is a fresh approach to what it takes to live a rewarding life… from start to finish. It is also ‘must see’ for those involved professionally or personally in exploring the reality of aging in today’s society…which pretty much includes us all!”

 John Cihomsky, Vice President

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“I can’t say I want a life of danger…but I love a life of risk. I want a life that asks of me at every moment of all my courage…all my health…all my happiness.” –Andre Gide